Best Mystery Novel Ever! The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

This has been one of my all time best books I have read. I must look for the book, feeling to read it again!

Dysfunctional Literacy

Nick Charles with Asta instead of his wife Nora Nick Charles doesn’t yet know the trouble he’s going to be in when his wife Nora finds out that he posed for this cover with Asta the dog instead of with her.

Determining the “best mystery ever” can be difficult because so many mysteries are so similar.  Despite various sub-genres (the whodunit, the hardboiled, the “think like a killer to catch a serial killer”), once you’ve read a couple within each category, you’ve read them all.  

But a BEST MYSTERY EVER should be a unique book.  It should combine all elements (except for the “think like a killer to catch a killer” because those suck).  It should be both a hardboiled detective story and a whodunit.  It should be so good that it can’t be copied (though it might have been tried).  And that book is The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammet. 


The Thin Man is known…

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BlackBerry’s Picture Password Automatically Protects You from New Hacking Tactic

Inside BlackBerry

To live in a world where hackers already have a million different ways to steal information off my phone is bad enough. (Let’s see, there’s malware, a thief guessing my lame password, or it could even be someone looking over my shoulder.) Now, according to researchers at Syracuse University, using a smartphone in public at all might be a bad idea because of something called spatio-temporal dynamics.

Spatio-temporal dynamics is a type of artificial intelligence that involves calculating the distance and relationship of objects. In an experiment conducted last year, the Syracuse researchers discovered thieves could use spatio-temporal dynamics to figure out smartphone passwords. Here’s how it’s done: the hacker videotapes someone using a phone, even if all he’s able to get is the back of the device and the movements of the user’s hands as they type. The hacker then applies an algorithm to the video footage that…

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