Tutanota releases iOS encrypted email app after notifying NSA

Have been thinking of changing email, will go check them out


The German encrypted email service Tutanota has released its iOS app, weeks after its Android app came out. The delay in the release of the iOS app was apparently due to the need for those publishing open-source apps of this kind to first notify the NSA and the U.S. Commerce Department of their existence — it seems Apple is more strict about making sure this measure has been taken.

Tutanota, already available as a free webmail service and paid-for Outlook plugin, uses encryption based on open-source implementations of algorithms using 128-bit AES and 2048-bit RSA, though PGP compatibility should also be introduced somewhere down the line.

It automatically encrypts and decrypts the emails that users send to other Tutanota users. If a Tutanota user sends an email to someone not using the system, it can also be sent encrypted (the email is encrypted in the sender’s client and she…

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Writers in Translation

Media Diversified

by Sinthujan Varatharajah

A few days ago, I was sitting with a friend, we were casually chatting when I suddenly remembered that her father is a writer – as is my mother. I remembered that we somehow knew each other through our parents who again knew each other through diasporic writers’ circles. We laughed about it, about these close, almost exclusive circles that we unconsciously frequent. We were Sinthujan2both the children of writers who write in a non-European language. Yet we never framed ourselves as such, hardly see ourselves as such and rarely tell others, particularly non-Tamils about this part of us or them. Not even friends. I had to remember that her father is a writer, like I sometimes have to remember that my mother is one. I started to think about the diasporic people I had known for years, others who I got to know more recently, and…

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Happy New Year !!!

The Ministry of Happiness

Happy New Year !!!

happiness, happy new year

Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities. ~ William Throsby Bridges

Happy New Year my friends, I’ve seen a lot of posts this New Year’s Eve from people saying good riddance to the year and looking forward to the next. These posts make me a bit sad. I know for a lot of people very hard and horrible things have happened this year. Some of you have suffered incredible losses, personally I know this year was hard for my family with the passing of my Uncle, a really wonderful man.

Even tonight as a I write this my mother is in the hospital and not doing well and perhaps even harder, my sister is with her watching, helpless other than providing comfort. There may be nothing harder than watching a loved one in pain.

As human…

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